Casio CTX5000 Keyboard Value Package Incl Stand & Headphones

The Casio CTX5000 is the perfect electronic keyboard for both beginners and players with more experience . Equipped with 61 full size piano keys which are touch sensitive - this means that the harder you play the keys, the louder the sound - just like a real acoustic grand piano!

Added Value Package Includes Everything You Need To Get Playing!

This is our Casio CTX5000 value package and includes the following items:

  • Casio CTX5000 Keyboard, Mains Adaptor & Music Rest
  • Single X Keyboard stand
  • Headphones

AiX Sound Source

The CTX5000 is loaded with 800 high quality instrument and synthesizer voices covering almost every type of musical instrument you’ll need. Two voices can be layered together , or split across the keyboard so you have a different sound in both left and right hands. You can even have two voices layered in the right and left hand simultaneously. Create your own sounds using the onboard user voice editing function.

Add effects for realism

Handy performance effects such as sustain or portamento are simply accessed by panel buttons. There is a pitch bend wheel and modulation button to add realism to instrument voices. Additional digital effects can be applied to the sounds including reverb, chorus, delay and 100 different types of DSP effects such as distortion, modulation, phaser, flange etc. The CTX5000 is a low price keyboard with truly professional features.

150 Arpeggiator patterns are ready to enhance your performance! Transpose, tuning and octave shift functions are also included as well as 17 different scale tunings for World music styles.

Backing Rhythms & Styles

There are 235 rhythms and backings onboard, each with four variations plus intros & endings. It is also possible to edit the preset rhythms or create and store up to 100 of your own.

One touch preshts automatically choose an appropriate voice to match the selected rhythm style which means you can sound great right away. There are also 310 music presets which give you the ideal sound & rhythm style for many popular songs.

Registration Memories

Store your favourite settings into the registration memories - there are 16 banks of 8 memories, so there’s plenty of space for you to get creative! The freeze button holds the current rhythm and tempo settings whilst changing registration memories. This is a feature only usually found on keyboards of a much higher price.

Record Your Own Music

Record your own performance or compositions using the 17 track MIDI sequencer. You can store up to 10 songs in the internal memory, each using up to 40,000 notes!

The four phrase pads can be used to add MIDI loops which play in time with backing rhythms. There are 100 locations for storage of user phrases.

Use the USB to device for playback of .wav files from memory sticks. The USB to host can be used for direct connection to personal computers or tablet devices.

Connect To Other Devices

There are plenty of connections on the CTX5000 including headphones, separate Line level outputs, Microphone input (with additional mic effects), 2 pedals for sustain & other assignable functions, audio input and USB to host & device.

powerful On-Board Speaker System

The on-board speaker system is a powerful 15w x 2 (30w total) and this keyboard sounds bigger and more powerful than the price would lead you to believe.

Casio CTX5000 Dimensions

The Casio CTX5000 measures 948mm(w) x 384mm (d) x 116mm (h)


The Casio CTX5000 weighs 7kg

Casio CTX5000 Keyboard Value Package Incl Stand & Headphones

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